Offensive Computer Defense 

Our team is made up of the technology professionals dedicated to supporting our nation’s most critical mission objectives. Our nation is increasingly challenged by today's continuously evolving threat landscape.

ArtiusOCD will help you meet that challenge. 

Our Services

Software Engineering

Custom software development is one of our company's core areas of expertise. Our software developers are highly experienced and mission focused.

Data Science and Analytics

Our team has years of experience transforming large scale data sets into actionable and operational insight.


Our team delivers the full spectrum of cyber security and computer network operations services to meet our customer's most demanding security requirements.

Cloud Mangement Services

Cloud computing is transforming the nature of IT and customer operations. Our team can help you deploy and maintain your cloud management platform.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and automation have the potential to serve as powerful enablers for nearly every mission and function. Our team can help you realize the next level of data insight.

Systems Engineering

Today’s dynamic technological environment and emerging technologies can drastically improve mission support and service delivery.

Training, Education and Certification

We encourage and support our team members to keep their skills honed, current and ever expanding. We budget $5,000 per year per person for pre-approved training, education and certification costs. 


Take advantage of our support to expand your skills, capabilities and choices through leveraging training, education and/or certification courses via our training benefit plan. 



ArtiusOCD is a team of highly talented and dedicated professionals.  Supporting our customer’s mission objectives are our #1 priority and we are always looking for like-minded individuals to join our team.  Some of our open positions are available through the links below. If you don’t find a your ideal match send us an email and we’ll contact you!